Timberwork in Dordogne

We are creating all kind of timberwork for your houses, garage, sheds, canopy, dormer…

Traditional timberworks

Created in the workshop or by a subcontractor, the frame is put together by our team on the building site.

Industrial framework

Fabrication and treatment of the wood by a subcontractor, assembled and built by our team on site.

Timbered house

The wood

The company often work with resinous trees (Pine, Picea, Douglas Fir) but also hard wood such as oak, chestnut, tropical wood.

The woods are treated against parasites and are coming from PEFC forests (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).


Conception software SEMA

We are working wih the SEMA conception software, from the design to the fabriaction of your project.

Examples of work/creation