Carpentry work in Dordogne

From conception to fitting, we create all our carpentry work in our workshop (different varieties: wood, composite, PVC, aluminium, zinc). We deliver a finished product with protective coating for exterior joinery.

Examples of carpentry we fitted

  • Fitting of windows, doors new or renovated (wood, aluminium, PVC)
  • Fabrication and fitting of staircase
  • Visible and industrial joists
  • From traditional to floating flooring fitting
  • Cladding fitting for wooden framed house and chalet
  • Exterior joists fitting

  • Exterior doors for cellar, woodshed etc.
  • Gates (wood, aluminium, PVC)
  • Barriers, guardrails
  • Balconies and balustrades
  • Patio (terrasse slats, wood, PVC, composite)

Example of creations

Carpentry fitting new or renovated (wood, PVC, aluminium)

Conception, fabrication, fitting and coating of your staircase, and guardrails tailor-made.

Visible cladding

  • Ceiling (oak, chestnut tree, poplar, etc.)
  • Joist (oak, chestnut tree, picea, etc.)

Fitting of traditional flooring on difficult frames (non straight floors)

  • Levelling
  • Insulation
  • Fitting

Fabrication and fitting of wooden framed house & cladding

  • Insulation from the outside
  • Different kind of woods (pin, exotic, etc.)
  • Fitting

Fabrication and fitting of patio, fencing, staircase and outside wooden gate (oak, acacia, etc.).

  • Conception in the workshop
  • First proctective coating in the workshop
  • Fitting